The firm combines a modern, dynamic structure with a commitment to a rigorously ethical approach, guaranteeing the reliability of its conduct within the social and economic context in which it operates.

To this end, we uphold the following values, which represent the firm’s “constitutional charter”:

  • we hold a responsibility towards our clients, and we consider it a privilege to be worthy of their trust;
  • we are highly skilled and well informed with regard to the tasks we undertake, proceeding in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards, in a fully transparent and legitimate manner;
  • we hold a responsibility towards our staff, and we promote their full training and professional satisfaction;
  • we are fully aware of the dignity of the legal profession and the social function it fulfils in pursuing the ends of justice and the defense of our clients’ interests;
  • we specifically recognize, as one of our fundamental principles, the protection of the environment, committing ourselves to using eco-sustainable tools and methodologies;
  • we are against every form of exploitation, discrimination or corruption, and we support full acknowledgment and defense of human dignity, freedom and equality among human beings, as well as protection of the right to work, to enjoy health and to be safe;
  • we are aware of the value of our activities and we believe that it deserves adequate compensation;
  • we are conscious of our social responsibilities and so we feel an obligation to place ourselves at the service of institutional entities and non-profit organizations, each year undertaking a program of activities that the firm carries out on a pro bono basis.