Legal assistance to business enterprises, which constitute the firm’s core business, is carried out under a corporate consulting approach based on the principle that, although the businessman and the attorney have different but complementary roles, they both pursue a common goal: performing their work successfully.

Our method is based on five “key points”:

  1. The client’s serenity. Businessmen must concentrate on the growth of their business. Hence, they must be assisted by professionals who are both able to solve problems and to enrich the clients’ awareness of the legal context in which they are operating.
  2. Businessmen work to achieve results. Our objective is the results of the businessmen we serve.
  3. Supporting those who work. There are businessmen who invest resources and energy because they believe in their ideas. Providing them with assistance means giving a sense to our legal work.
  4. The group. Businesses need diversified legal support. Our clients can count on a reliable, upstanding group of attorneys with specific skills, as well as consultants, technical experts, accountants and notary publics with whom those attorneys work hand in hand.
  5. The future in the present. In order to grow, businessmen must constantly make decisions. Statutes and regulations can provide opportunities, assuming consultants know the reality of the business and play a proactive role, if necessary keeping an eye on what is happening outside of Italy as well.