Villa Di Cicco & Associates has represented from the start a modern reality among law firms, providing both business and on-line consultancy.

For such reason, our consulting supports businesses through an innovative and original “method” based on five key points: the client’s tranquillity/serenity, results, support for workers, the group, the future in the present.

We work primarily in business and industry sectors, dealing with key legal issues of relevance to businesses and we also engage in litigation, defending the interests of companies and individuals in proceedings before civil, criminal, administrative and labour courts, as well as courts of appeal and the Italian Supreme Court, the State Council and boards of arbitration.

Legal services to enterprises in the public & private sector

Lawyers and businessmen are closely related as both professions require the capacity to act and operate in new territories, in a logic of competition and continuous innovation.

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Lawyer online

Everyone should be entitled to prompt legal advice, to obtain thorough and rapid answers and be aware of all of their legal rights. This is now possible through our “Lawyer online” service.

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