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Our legal advice services online “in a day” grants individuals the opportunity to send a question to a particular lawyer online. These requests will be answered within 24 hours and entail a clear cost and explanation of the legal path required (This service costs Euro 100,00 including VAT (or cpa) when provided in Italian, French, Spanish and English).
The firm also offers this service online in Chinese. In the event that Chinese should be required, the cost is Euro 200,00 including VAT. Response times will be agreed upon at the time of request.

Questions will be attached to the documentation that will be thoroughly evaluated by the attorney specialized in the area of law requested.

This service may involve, at no additional cost, the delivery of documents or additional information if they should be required in order to adequately respond to questions posed.

The appropriate online professional responsible for the area concerned will examine your question.

Particularly complex and sensitive legal matters cannot be examined through our online service: Attorney “in a day.” If a matter cannot be addressed online, clients will be asked to go into more depth on the issue by scheduling an appointment at our firm appointment.

Legal services provided online in the following areas:

  • Family law
  • Family and minors
  • Citizen and consumer
  • Labor & Employment
  • Punitive Damage and Credit Protection
  • Immigration
  • Criminal law
  • Privacy and Technology

To examine an attorney’s area of specialization online, kindly refer to the individual attorney experience provided on the page featuring services for private clients. guardate le materie della consulenza

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