The “Villa Isoldi & Associates Method”: legal services for companies

Although the businessman and the lawyer carry out diverse and complementary roles, they are aimed directly towards a common goal - the success of their work.

This path is developed on the basis of five principles:

Customer peace of mind

  • Businessmen need to focus their undivided attention on their business activities.
  • In order to do so, they need to have competent professionals at their disposal that can be entrusted to find solutions to the obstacles that arise as well as properly guide them on how to do so in the legal environment in which they operate.

The results

  • The businessman works towards his goals and obtaining results.
  • What we do is thoroughly in line with this methodology.

Supporting those investing in themselves

  • We support those who still invest in their own resources and work hard because they believe in their own business.
  • Putting our professionalism to work for those who invest in themselves means recognizing the great value of the activities that the attorney carries out.

The group

  • A business needs diversified legal support and services.
  • Our customers can count on a very qualified and highly professional group of attorneys who are experts in their particular fields. They work closely alongside an array of specialists, most notably in the fields of accounting, finance, and the law.

The future within the present

  • The law evolves is not immutable and can change with the norms of the society, which it governs.
  • Our challenge is to give customers the added benefits that the law can provide, rather than simply advising clients of its constraints. That's why we continuously place our efforts in being on top of new legal and technological innovations as consistently being up-to-date on all that is happening beyond our national borders.

Legal service areas provided for businesses

  • Assistance in the establishment of a company
  • Analysis of the viability of entrepreneurial projects
  • Contracts, public & private, labor relations & employment
  • Outsourcing commercial and production activities to emerging markets; international contracts
  • Patents, trademarks, know-how, royalties and unfair competition
  • Economic-Legal Strategic Consulting and business administration
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Management of corporate privacy
  • Administrative Responsibility - the Company & the agencies, code of ethics and organizational structure - under Legislative Decree 231/2001
  • Analysis of organizational plan & corporate control, optimization of corporate overheads
  • Corporate restructuring, mergers, transfer of business, outsourcing, staff organization
  • Corporate Crisis management, collective redundancies, layoffs, bankruptcy and bankruptcy offenses, misconduct in relation to corporate assets, debt management
  • Tax protection, tax assessment, tax return discrepancies & disputes, tax fraud, seizures and confiscation
  • Trusts and foundations
  • Private Wealth Management, Trusts & Estate Planning